Dimitis Dimoutsikos

my Heroes next door series #1 Dimitris Dimoutsikos

For many years I have chosen my heroes. Those who inspire me. Those who feed my imagination. Those who give energy to my dreams. These heroes are not far away from me. There are not somewhere else. They are People / heroes and they are at my next door. I talk to them, hug them, listen to them and do things with them.

One of them is the bluesman Dimitris Dimoutsikos. Who recently wrote a song that would be envied there in New Orleans. And he wrote the music. And he sang it with musicians / brothers of their half life. And they all played it from the soul for their friend.

And I have nothing but to be inspired by it. But it’s time to share it.

Have a great listening fellas!

Six Thousand Miles

Silver birds are made of steel

dark horses on iron wheels

surfgreen jazzmaster

58 Telecaster

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

only six thousand miles to New Orleans

Riding on freight trains crossing borderlines

cajunmoon night time

mardi gras Frenchquarter

Mississipi muddy waters

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

Six thousand miles to New Orleans

its only six thousand miles to New Orleans

— — — — — — -

BAND Dimitris Dimoutsikos — Acoustic Guitar, Vocals Tasos Lytridis — Slide Guitar Thodoris Triandafillou — Keys, Cajon Marios Spiliotopoulos — Bass Panos Badikouthis — Guitar Filmed and recorded at Filmaki.gr studio, Larissa Greece. Sound Recording and Editing by Vassilis Liakos — New Age Sound Camera — Thanos Balogiannis Video Editing by Panos Badikouthis — http://www.filmaki.gr/ #Filmaki_gr




Entrepreneur |Mediterrian |Co-founder@TheDKGgroup |BRAND STRATEGIST @TroposBrands @SensoReality @AdvendureLife| @TroposWineTimes| @Rout10 | chess

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Christos D. Katsanos /Ultra Life Artist

Christos D. Katsanos /Ultra Life Artist

Entrepreneur |Mediterrian |Co-founder@TheDKGgroup |BRAND STRATEGIST @TroposBrands @SensoReality @AdvendureLife| @TroposWineTimes| @Rout10 | chess

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